joker folie a deux trailer 2024

Filmy Zadara18 dubna, 2024

DC recently teased the upcoming Joker: Folie ? Deux with an audio clip of Harley Quinn that proves the movie will be breaking with a recent trend for the character. This version of Harley Quinn is already a departure from the live-action standard, as it is the first time the role won’t be played by Margot Robbie. As a relatively more recent addition to DC, at least compared to other Batman villains, Harley hasn’t been adapted for live-action nearly as many times as someone like the Penguin or Joker.

More recent depictions of Harley have tended to stay away from depicting a certain period in the character’s history, preferring to present versions that are more in line with Harley’s current reality in DC Comics. Margot Robbie’s version of Harley was well-received, so it will be interesting to see if Lady Gaga’s version in the story of Joker: Folie ? Deux is as successful. Lady Gaga does have one advantage in the upcoming DC movie, and that’s that she will be given a story that Robbie’s Harley never got to fully tackle.

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